It’s Feesible to protect yourself against special assessments

Simple, affordable protection for condo & HOA owners

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Instant protection that you can’t get anywhere else

It's easy: We pay if you get surprised by an assessment.

Coverage starts at about $1 a day, and we pay for assessments of $10k or more. Not bad, huh?

Fast, easy online enrollment for those who pre-qualify.

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Assessments happen, but they don’t have to hurt

Association living could be great…
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But most buildings don’t save enough for repairs
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Big and small fixes are inevitable. Some are expected, some are unexpected
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Current owners have to fill the gap and pay, usually through an assessment
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If you are covered by Feesible we’ll quickly pay it for you!

Take the unknown out of condo ownership

It’s not easy for buyers or owners to gauge the physical or financial health of their associations.

Surprises can be costly. Most assessments are under $10k but they can reach $100k or more.

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Our policies are backed by nationally-recognized insurers for extra peace of mind.
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A Feesible policy lets you enjoy condo living as it was meant to be: worry free.
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Assessments are all we do

Call us a one trick pony

We don’t sell condo or homeowners insurance. We just offer unique protection against surprise costs and assessments to make association ownership easier.
→ Quick application & approvals
→ Dependable coverage
→ Simple claims resolutions
→ Affordable peace of mind