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Insurance can be complicated. Ours is totally different.

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Immediate coverage for eligible owners
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If you get an assessment that wasn’t expected when you signed up, you are covered!
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You can’t prevent special assessments, but you can protect yourself from them

  • Saving is hard. More than 70% of associations have insufficient funds to cover expected maintenance expenses
  • Most need special assessments every 3 or 4 years to pay for bigger repairs
  • Assessments are generally less than $10,000 per unit but can exceed $100,000 for serious structural repairs

$10,000 coverage from $30/MO

You are eligible if your association:

Has more than 75 units.

Was built after 1985.

Meets a low minimum reserve threshold* (almost all do).

Maintains a master insurance policy (almost all do).

That’s it! Not sure? Learn more or ask us.

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The not-so-small print: We DON’T cover assessments …

That are expected or pre-existing when coverage begins

  • What is an expected assessment? An assessment that was planned, considered or discussed by your association within 12 months of your initial coverage date
  • Assessments for capital projects planned before coverage begins are also excluded, unless the scope changes meaningfully and much more work and costs are required
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Insurance protects against unknown, not known, risks. For example:

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A new roof is needed and the board starts getting quotes for the work.
You bought coverage before planning began.
COVERED: The project and assessment risk were not known or expected before coverage started.
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Your association has considered new paint for 2 years.
You bought coverage after planning discussions started, but before the work began.
During painting major balcony tile leaks are discovered that need repair.
Painting - NOT COVERED: The paint project and assessment risk were known before coverage began.
Leak remediation – COVERED: The project scope and leak repairs came as a surprise after coverage started.

Claims are quick and easy

We’ll look at your association financial statements, board of directors documents, reserve studies, resident communications and other items to verify that projects and  assessment were unexpected when coverage began.

Get paid quickly!

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